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What is it ?

Campus Screens is a network of digital panels (DOOH) installed in student living spaces, in the heart of campuses.

Each connected screen is a micro-media fed in content by the student societies on the campusand your campaigns.

They trust us :


The ideal display.

Memorisation et ankering

Your advert is displayed at least 10 times/hour, 10H/day during 10 days i the heart of the campus, wich makes for 1000 repetitions at least.

Precise targeting

We allow you to target students with great precision, by taking in account their location and academic training.

National or local

Our network is spread all around France.

Tailored campaigns

Broadcast on our screens when you want, on the duration of your choosing, where you want it.

Our media

écran 1,20M

Notre écran

Chaque totem est composé d'un écran de 1,2 mètres en résolution FULL HD, intégré dans une stèle de 2 mètres.

Your 10 seconds Advert

On each panel, your 10 seconds ad is integrated to a loop, that lasts for a maximum of 6 minutes.
(10 repetitions/hour at least)

Quality content :

The content displayed on our screens is a sweet balance of :
Student's societies content, events on campus, informations about the local student life, etc.
Our own content, mixing information and entertainment through notional news, partnerships with other student medias, etc
Your campaigns , either marketing or recruitment (or else).

Our Network

The list of cities included in our network is constently evolving. We're working every instant on expanding our media, in order to reach maximum national coverage, soon-to-be european.

Current city coverage :

• Paris
• Strasbourg
• Nancy
• Reims
• Châlon
• Lille
• Cluny
• Nantes
• Clermont-Ferrand
• Marseille
• Aix en Provence
• Toulouse
• La Rochelle
• Bordeaux
• Brest
• Rennes
• Liège
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